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Benkesser Sheds build custom-made garden sheds in our Bunbury Factory in South Western Australia, that really suits your needs.

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Gable Roof Sheds
Bigger Sheds

Our sheds are not imported from the eastern states so we can custom build your new shed  at a competitive price. We build good quality easy to install sheds in a range of sizes from pool pump covers to the large garden sheds 6m x 2.25m in variety of different colours or we can custom make to suit your need. For bigger sheds see our sister company CPR Outdoor Centre.

Each panel has a strong frame and because we can position the doors, windows and even skylights in your new shed anywhere you want them. We can even hinge the doors the other way if that suits your space or need.

Benkesser Sheds are sold direct from the factory or through our large network of agents. Delivery can also be organized. Locally made with Australian Steel, to Australian Standards, every shed is made with care just for you.

Assembly is simple
1. Level the ground where your new sheds will live.
2. Screw all 4 walls together
3. Add the ridge caps to the roof
4. Put the roof on.
5. Secure to the ground of floor.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?
Well you know what it is!
Because our sheds come flat packed as completed panels. (See our instruction page, it even has pictures).

Benkesser Sheds are made in strong prefabricated panels to your requirements, not in boxes, or kits that you need a degree to understand, only to find out something was missing.

Benkesser Sheds, custom made sheds to fit YOU.

Your backyard best friend.
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