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Installation Instructions for Benkesser Shed Products

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Garden Shed Installation Instructions

Before you start erecting your garden shed here a few tips to make your job easier.

Have a few simple tools ready and a level surface and you are ready to assemble your new garden shed.

  • Is the ground level and flat?
  • Do you have your electric or cordless drill?
  • Do you have  a ¼” teck bit and a 5mm masonary drill bit

1. Join walls together as shown in fig A. Use 4 screws in each corner.

figure A - easy install sheds at Benkesser Sheds

2. Screw all four wall panels together making sure the shed is square diagonally and in the correct position. fig B.
figure B - easy install sheds at Benkesser Sheds

3. Fit the ridge and ridgecap section to one of the roof panels. Screw through the under side ofthe ridge into the channel on the under side of the roof panel. (Make sure the weathered edge of the roof panel is fitted into the ridge section) fig C. 5 Screws.figure 3 - easy install sheds at Benkesser Sheds

4. Once the ridge is screwed to one of the roof panels, place the roof panel onto the shed walls. Make sure the centre ofthe ridge sits over the apex of the gable walls.

5. Screw the roof end flashing to the gable wall channel. 3 screws. fig D.

figure 4 - easy install sheds at Benkesser Sheds

6. Place the second roof panel on the shed and slip it into the ridge section. Screw the end roof flashing to the gable wall channel.

7. From the inside of the shed screw the ridge to the roof panel. (Don’t pull down when screwing the roof panel)

8. On the outside of the shed, fold the ridgecap ends down and screw into place. Make sure walls are straight and screw roof panels to the top of the walls. fig D.

9. Make sure you anchor your shed down to the ground or floor. After shed is secured in place, fit pad bolt to the door .

Well done and enjoy your Benkesser shed!